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How do you tell the world that a CarMax online offer is really fast? You challenge the world’s fastest man to a race. And make him look really slow.

About the Category


Authentic recreations of social media posts configured to deliver in traditional banner placements. Creative executions of brand advertising, marketing and/or promotion across social media. The entry may have appeared on one or multiple platforms.


Chief Executive Officer: Kristen Cavallo Chief Creative Officer: Danny Robinson SVP, Executive Creative Officer: Ashley Marshall SVP, Group Creative Director: Anne Marie Hite Creative Director: Allison Rude Creative Director: Lindsey King EVP, Managing Director, Production & Digital: Tasha Dean VP, Executive Content Producer: Tricia Hoover Senior Content Producer: Evan Frank Content Producer: Arielle Blais SVP/Director Business, Legal, and Financial Affairs: Dusty Slowik Senior Business Affairs Manager: Delores Martin Associate Director, Financial Affairs: Kelly Clow SVP, Managing Director, Open Architecture: Walker Teele VP, Account Director: Lindsey Netto Account Executive: Vanessa Brown VP, Group Strategy Director: Jen Lange Senior Strategist: Caroline Moyer-Kardos Associate Strategic Planner: Mikaela Uricheck VP, Associate Media Director: Santia Nance Group Project Management Supervisor: Danielle Cin Senior Project Manager: Ashley Covington Althizer SVP, Managing Director, Cultural Impact Lab: Jaclyn Ruelle Director, Cultural Impact Lab: Keith Gordon Cultural Communications Specialist: Alex Angert Cultural Impact Coordinator: Zena Gittens

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