Our Mentorship Program is a free, year-long initiative that runs year-round from October to April.

Mentee vs Mentor

The Mentorship Program provides local undergraduate and graduate students with the unique opportunity to be paired 1:1 with a seasoned advertising professional with similar career interests.

About Mentees

Mentees are current students who are seeking professional guidance as they begin their careers. You can expect to gain a network of professionals during your semester matchup, as well meet fellow mentees and Club members at all of our events.

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About Mentors

An ideal mentor is a pro in the industry with at least 3 or more years of experience in their field. They recognize the importance in helping our mentees understand their own unique career paths through shared experience, resources, constructive feedback, and networking tips.  

A mentor should expect to volunteer 1–3 hours of their time a week, depending on the desired mentorship style discussed by their match.
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More About The Program

Portfolio & Resume Reviews

Arguably the most important aspect of any advertising student's curriculum, portfolio and resume reviews can also be an intimidating part of the learning process. Ad Club Mentors can offer one-on-one check-ins with their mentees to provide tips and tricks to organize their work and experience.

Blogs & Thought Leadership Recommendations

Any seasoned advertising professional knows that finding insightful content is key to skill building and gaining new perspective. Mentors will guide their mentees to recommended blog content and other relevant thought leadership that could be pertinent to their interests.

Events, Lectures & Forums

As a young, up-and-coming advertising professional who’s also juggling schoolwork, sometimes it can be tricky to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. That’s where a mentor can come in to pass along invites to local or online events, lectures, or forums to help their mentee expand their network.

Career Guidance

Navigating the beginning of one’s career can be scary. Mentors are here to support, guide, and assist students in a variety of professional development functions—including but not limited to—interview preparation, networking opportunities, agency and brand recommendations, and more.