Ridgeback Insecticide



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3D Animation

Alice Blue

Ridgeback Insecticide

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3D Animation

3D visual effects, regardless of the creative method for any motion picture project that qualifies as advertising may be considered eligible, regardless of the method of distribution.


Production Company: Alice Blue

Look Development: Howard Winterson, Lena Pigareva

Executive Producer: Meredith Ott

Character Design/Creation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson, Diego Maricato

Character Animation: Kris Rivel, Anderson Ko, Daniel Barker

Rigging: Kris Rivel, Dan Barker

Scene Creation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson, Lincoln Durham

Scene Animation: Kris Rivel, Howard Winterson

Sound Design: Overcoast Music

Agency: Bader Rutter

Client: Corteva Agriscience

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