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About the Project

Mayo Mania is a knockdown, drag-out brand fight. In the stop motion film, Duke’s literally punches above its weight to beat "Big Mayo". Best mayo Wins

About the Category

Online Video and Film

Entries in this medium include any commercial that is created to run on the Internet. Broadcast commercials that also receive internet runs are not eligible in this category, unless there is a change in content.


Dustin Artz - Co-Founder/ CD

Justin Bajan - Co-Founder/ CD

Rhakim Smith - Art Director

Jon Ollom - Copywriter

Hana Ballout - Producer/ PM

Carey Ely - Director of Accounts

Rebecca Lupesco - Duke's Brand Manager

Sarah DiPeppe - Duke's Digital Content Manager

House Special - Production Partner

Gee Staunton - Director

Karly Richter - Sr Producer

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