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Production Company: Alice Blue

Executive Producer: Meredith Ott

Director/Creative Director: Cristina Peters

DP: Matt Trygar

Line Producers: Heather Drakulich, David Waraksa, Isaac Whalen

1st AC: Austin Burnette

Gaffer: Mattie Ware

Digital Tech: Josh Zuercher

Post Production Supervisor: Kris Rivel

Visual FX: Kris Rivel, Mark Restivo

Logo Animation: Buff, Lincoln Durham

Editor: Cristina Peters, Kris Rivel

Colorist: Kris Rivel

Sound Design: Overcoast Music

Agency: Bandy Carroll Hellige

Tim Hellige, Partner

Gary Sloboda, Partner

Brian Garr, Creative Director

Tom Anderson, Art Director

Client: Buffalo Trace Distillery

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