Brandermill Woods Retirement Community "Look At That"



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Original Score

The Branching

Brandermill Woods Retirement Community

About the Project

To encourage and inspire people to get outside and re-discover community. The whimsical melody, catchy lyrics, & fun animation helped do this.

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Original Score

Any original musical score which was recorded primarily for use in any advertising. Does not include music intended for purchase including music in music videos.


Agency: Five19 Creative Production/Post Company: The Branching Creative Director: Derek Machado Director: Lucas Krost Producer: Alexandra Krost Animation Direction & Design: Timø Prousalis (PLEASE INCLUDE THE slashed ø) Animator: William Pittas Animator: Jamal Ademola Music by: The Branching Music Producer: Lucas Krost Songwriter: David Muhlenfeld Composer/Singer: J. Roddy Composer: Charlie Glenn Mixer: Bill Grishaw

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