A Mars Rover Looks Back



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Online Video and Film

Arts & Letters Creative Co.


About the Project

Arts & Letters imagined a trip through the Mars Rover's photo reel as if it were equipped with the organization and search tools of Google Photos.

About the Category

Online Video and Film

Entries in this medium include any commercial that is created to run on the Internet. Broadcast commercials that also receive internet runs are not eligible in this category, unless there is a change in content.


Founder & Executive Creative Director: Charles Hodges Managing Director: Rich Weinstein Creative Director: Molly Jamison Creative Director: NJ Placentra Creative: Kasey Foster Creative: Cody Pate Executive Producer: Keith Jamerson Senior Producer: Rachel Acors Producer: Danny Ryan Director of Strategy: Andy Grayson Strategy Director: Jessica Sartoretto Strategy Director: Alex Morrison Strategist: Alana Gleason Group Business Director: Theo Abel Business Manager: Marissa Osowsky Director of Business Affairs: Lenora Cushing Music Supervisor: Cam DiNunzio

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