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About the Project

Each Saturday morning during the college football season, throngs of fans wake up bright and early to attend a tradition—and live broadcast—unlike any


Agency: Arts & Letters Creative Co.

Founder, Executive Creative Director: Charles Hodges

Director of Strategy: Andy Grayson

Director of Production: Temma Shoaf

Creative Director: NJ Placentra

Creative Director: Andrew Kong

Creative Director: Molly Jamison

Creative: Joe Jones

Creative: Andrew Caturano

Creative: Cory McCollum

Creative: Craig Gerringer

Creative: Abbey Williamson

Executive Producer: Calleen Colburn

Assistant Producer: London Scalise

Group Business Director: Brenda Schneider

Business Director: Martin Madriaga

Business Manager: Erin Shepherd

Business Manager: Salim Collins

Strategy Director: Alex Morrison

Strategist: Millie Tunnell

Director of Business Affairs: Lenora Cushing

Business Affairs: Jennifer Kmetzsch

Production : Arts & Letters Creative Co. | XYZ

Director of Operations, XYZ : Adrian Mojica

Executive Producer, XYZ: Whitney Green

Executive Creative Director, XYZ: Jed Grossman

Creative Director, XYZ: Ignasi Tudela

Resource Manager, XYZ: Ryan Dunstan

Photographer: Ethan Hickerson

Technical Designer: John Girimont

Technical Coordinator: Lisa Miller

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