Richmond show

The Cannonball is coming to a close

For nearly 30 years, the Richmond Show has honored advertising greats with the infamous cannonball. It’s become an important part of the Richmond Ad Club’s history since it originated as the award for a Richmond Show that took place at Tredegar Iron Works, and has remained the award ever since – cannonballs are displayed proudly on shelves and desks by their winners throughout Richmond and beyond.

As we evolve along with the advertising industry, it’s important for the Richmond Show and, by extension, its coveted award to also evolve. What will always remain constant, is our mission to foster a socially responsible creative community and we have to practice what we preach.

The 2020 Richmond Show marked the retirement of the Cannonball.

The symbol that’s so deeply rooted in Confederate history will be giving way into something that represents our mission more closely. What that looks like, will be up to our community. The Advertising Club of Richmond’s Board will be ushering the club into a brighter future – and the community by listening to your feedback and suggestions on what the next award will be.

Sic Itur Ad Astra

Richmond’s motto from the official city seal created in 1782. The phrase appears in Virgil’s epic “The Aenid” when the god Apollo congratulates the triumphant warrior Anchises, saying: Your heroic deeds will make your name eternal.

The phrase’s literal meaning is “thus you shall go to the stars,” but the more poetic, metaphorical interpretation is “thus is immortality gained.”
The What
The Richmond Show, the Advertising Club of Richmond’s annual award show, has commemorated the best creative work in Richmond for 25+ years. Work is showcased across Production, Design, Advertising, Interactive and Student categories from around the region and is an opportunity to celebrate the city’s successes in advertising.
Shelf Presence
What would make someone see this in your home and ask about it?
How big is it?
What is it made out of?
Is it heavy?
Think Richmond
This new Richmond Show award is a symbol of Richmond’s diverse history, the wide array of activities and the vast creative community. It’s aspirational, it commemorates success and growth. We want a design that’s appropriate for all the things this award symbolizes.

Do you have an idea for the next award?

Submit your idea to us by October 31st and help us shape the future Richmond advertising community. If your idea is chosen for our next award, you will be recognized at our 2021 Richmond Show!

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