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Public Service

Public Service Advertising can be understood as incorporation and channelization of a message in the public interest dispersed without any charge, with the target of bringing issues to light of common people. It is also intended to changing public perspectives and conduct towards any specific social issue.

3D Animation

3D visual effects, regardless of the creative method for any motion picture project that qualifies as advertising may be considered eligible, regardless of the method of distribution.


Production Studio: Alice Blue Studio Director: Tom Maher Cinematographer: Tom Maher + Julian Ashbee Director of Photography: Julian Ashbee Editor: Tom Maher Producer: Virginia Bertholet Visual Effects + CGI: Alice Blue Studio Character + Costume Design: Alice Blue Studio Sound Design: Alice Blue Studio Executive Producer: Meredith Ott Creative Director + Motion Design: Kris Rivel Creative Director: David Waraksa Design Lead: Lincoln Durham 3D Artist: Lena Pigareva 3D Artist: Lincoln Durham 3D Artist: Chris Warden Art Director: Cristina Peters Photographer: Isaac Whalen Agency: FABLE Branding + Advertising Writer: David Neale Art Director: Kate Carpenter Designer: Hilda Hosseini Creative Director: Kate Carpenter Chief Creative Officer: David Neale Client: Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

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