Sponsorship Chair

Advertising Club of Richmond

This role will be responsible for identifying and securing corporate sponsorships and coordinating programs to involve the wider community in club affairs. The Sponsorship Chair will assist the Treasurer, Membership and Events Chairs with procuring fiscal and in-kind sponsorships for Club events and program needs, including but not limited to venues, food/beverage, printing, postage, promotional items, ad placement, administrative expenses, etc.; creating sponsorship agreements, benefits packages, and presentations for Club use; collect assets from sponsors including logos and boilerplate copy to be shared with the Creative Team for promotional materials and communications; maintaining active communication and relationships with sponsors, including sending thank you notes; tracking and sharing statistics of events.

The Sponsorship Chair will work with the Membership Chair to maintain and update outreach contact sheet.

The Sponsorship Chair will work with the Membership Chair, Vice President, and President to maintain outreach efforts to agencies, companies, and local businesses.An ideal candidate for the Sponsorship Chair position should have a minimum of 3 years' sales, marketing, and/or fundraising experience and be willing to commit to being on the board for one year.

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