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WE ARE / The Martin Agency Social Studio. A part of the Cultural Impact Lab. The go-tos for everything that is socially impactful or relevant for our clients. More than monitors, post queuers and response reps — we're audience listeners, wavemakers, and impact engineers.

YOU ARE / A crafty content creator and analytical thinker. An engager, of brands and consumers. A conversation starter and community builder who can grow social audience followings. A lover of culture. A researcher who uses trends and data to generate impact and buzz.

YOUR BASELINE / You got a good understanding of all the major social channels — not just what a user sees, but the behind-the-scenes, too. You’ve put together a social content calendar or two. You’re known for the kind of Instagram captions other people wish they wrote. You understand the nuance and technical aspects of community management, either through an internship, on-the-job experience or other related experience.


• Craft quick and engaging organic social content for some of our biggest brand partners.

• Brainstorm with other impact engineers to create content ideas and discover new formats and trends through cultural research.

• Connect with consumers over social channels, moderating their activity and scheduling posts that generate authentic impact.

• Source for user-generated content, shouting out brand loyalists in a way that touches on brand messaging.


The Cultural Impact Lab exists to engineer culture.  If buzz is lightning, we’re the lightning catchers. If culture is a jet stream, we’re riding the wind. We’re a brand-new model for what engineering that cultural buzz can be — that electric energy generated around brands, zeitgeist moments and cultural movements. We’re experimenters and amplifiers at our core, blending social, cultural listening, strategic storytelling and ideation, PR, paid/earned/shared/owned media expertise, and creative executional tactics to make major impact. Our social studio is a small but powerful team of what we call “impact engineers,” social community managers that generate the sort of conversations that make our client partners famous. We’re eagerly looking to add another one to our roster. That’s where you come in.  This role will report directly to the group planning director in our social content studio.


You’re a true engineer of impact. You’ll serve as the go-to for everything that is socially impactful or relevant for our clients. More than a monitor, post queuer or response rep — you’ll get to assume the role of audience listener, studying everything they care about in-feed and using that insight to engage in authentic interactions over your clients’ social channels that bring value to the brand and benefit to the consumer. Every touchpoint is an opportunity for impact. You’ll put together POVs on strategy and influencers, develop rapid-response plans, and more.

You’ll partner with some of the most dynamic creatives — and content creators — in the industry. You’ll help manage and create all kinds of engaging content alongside creatives and editors, tactfully using brand guidelines and voice to tell stories and reporting on the success of these posts. You’ll source for user-generated content, shouting out brand loyalists in a way that touches on brand messaging.

Cultural research will be a huge part of your growth journey. You’ll get to tap into your own curiosity and research emerging consumer trends, behavior, technology, pop culture and the like, to determine what matters most to your brand and their prospective consumers. This real-time cultural data will set you up to help your team with rapid response postings to come up against even the most fleeting of cultural conversations and trends.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover brand new subcultures. These are unique groups within larger cultural sets — that are relevant to your brands’ target audience(s) and discover who the authentic influencers are within these communities. Beyond who they are, you’ll seek out why they are: why they love what they love, why they hate what they hate, why they move how they move, and, most importantly, how to connect with them. Your POVs will be strong and informed, and while you won’t waver in defending them, you’ll pursue collaboration with other minds.  


  • Proven experience in the social media and/or community management space. (1-2 years is a good marker, and Internship experience counts!)
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to  communicate and engage with a brand’s social following in their language and also the language of the interwebs (short, witty captions, tweet-sized microcopy, emojis). Writing samples may be requested.
  • A strong aesthetic sense with proven ability to concept and create engaging, on-brand content across channels by way of filming, shooting, editing and/or using mobile editing apps (Canva, Adobe Spark, Unfold, etc.)Experience with (or can be an amazingly quick learner of) social listening and research tools like NetBase, NewsWhip, Helixa, Iconoculture, Forrester, etc.
  • Experience with creating Keynote presentations (we make a lot of Keynote presentations)A passion for social media platforms and emerging technologies


  • A maker and creator, always thinking about how brands can use tools to tell the best, most impactful stories to consumers
  • A community builder and grower of social audience followings
  • Are a good mix of curious, driven, responsible, accountable and tech-savvyA detail-oriented multitasker and nimble worker by nature — we move at the pace of culture and no day is the same as the last
  • Are a great communicator (both written and conversationally), collaborator and negotiator — we work with a representative group of people (race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.) and we value those who are excited at the chance to communicate cross-culturally and across departments
  • Are extremely organized and can project manage and track your own deliverables to prove success

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