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Integrated production at Martin is a creatively-led group that focuses on storytelling and craft in a multimedia universe. We partner together to bring to life innovative, impactful and memorable cross-channel work, whether that be a TV campaign, digital/social media video, experiential event, or real-world brand activations. We're a strong mix of makers and movers and are looking for someone who enjoys supporting and collaborating with creative teams and other like-minded creators, and who is deeply interested in commercial content production.

This role will report directly to an executive producer.


  • You'll shape and deliver culturally impact work. You'll use your strong and intentional client and agency leadership sensibilities to work with senior level creative leads, understanding their creative vision and bringing them to life with the highest-possible executional level of craft. You'll take a good idea to a powerful idea, clearing barriers through strategic production choices and creative problem-solving.
  • Your natural ability for managing all logistical aspects of a production will have a place to shine here. From scoping the job, budgeting/tracking overages, creating the project plan and calendar, bidding/contracts, all the way to project close, you'll own it and implement in your own unique way across a multitude of projects.
  • Our agency staff and production vendors will be more than people to you; they’ll be your partners. Their success will be one of your biggest motivators. Relationships should come naturally to you, because you'll have the space to create alongside some of the greatest talent in our industry across our creative, project management, legal, business affairs, financial affairs and account leadership groups. This same commitment extends to client teams. They'll trust that you have their business needs in mind, that you can be an ideation partner, and that you understand the ins and outs of their unique production policies and procedures.
  • You'll tap into your existing network of production company connections and contacts. You'll get to put your nimbleness on full display, working between big and small budgets to deliver great creative on time alongside these partners. And you'll build new relationships – with directors, editors, color, audio, finishing, VFX, animation companies, etc. We strive for representation in the vendors we partner with.
  • You’ll shape and mold rising talent. By way of managing their workload and prioritizing their development in relation to their needs and the needs of your clients.


  • Have proven working experience in all things content production
  • You have a solid portfolio of impactful commercial work for major clients (6+ years is a good marker)
  • You have significant experience with animation, VFX, and post-production
  • You have a great roster of relationships with high-quality production vendors
  • You can quickly navigate shifting production restrictions, risks and rules of engagement and still deliver great work
  • You've managed multiple video and animation based projects of varying sizes, priorities and deadlines with ease, delegating where necessary
  • You have a strong knowledge of SAG-AFTRA, AFM and AICP contracts, commercial codes, policies and requirements
  • You can work across EST and PST time zones, and travel (in line with COVID-19 regulations)


  • You're a strong communicator (both written and conversational), collaborator and negotiator – we work with cross-functional teams and clients
  • You're a good mix of curious, driven, responsible, and flexible
  • You're a convincing presenter that can sell story ideas or inspire clients
  • You've worked on highly ambitious, nimble teams and can stretch to fill a need under quick timelines
  • You're a self-starter and can work independently
  • You're a troubleshooter and problem-solver by nature
  • You're passionate about shaping and discovering new ways of thinking if it means you’re pushing towards the best work

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