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We have a Hybrid opportunity for a Communications Analyst for the VAOffice of Data Governance and Analytics in Richmond VA fora long-term contract position. I am forwarding the JD for your reference.Kindly review it and let me know if you would be interested in this opportunity.



ODGA -Communications Analyst (707897)

Rate/Salary:$53.50 on W2 hourly( No benefits) or $60.50 on C2C or compensation of 94,600K plus Benefits

Work hrs: 40 per week

WorksiteLocation: 1111 East Broad Street

Richmond,Virginia 23219



ODGA -Communications Analyst
HYBRID - Must be willing to work at least 4 days/week ON-SITE


TheVirginia Office of Data Governance and Analytics (ODGA) became an office with in the Secretary of Administration in July of 2021 by Virginia code § 2.2-203.2:4.Since then, the office has been codified as a permanent Executive Branch agency. ODGA works with Commonwealth agencies and public institutions to maximize the value of Commonwealth data through strategic governance, secure and appropriate data sharing, and enterprise analytics services informing actionable intelligence. ODGA is proud to present the exciting opportunity fora Communications Analyst to join the growing team! The Communications Analyst will report to the Director of Communications, Outreach, and Engagement withinODGA. The Communications Analyst will be challenged to excel with exciting and challenging opportunities daily that encourage personal and professional growth.

Position Summary
This position develops and implements a variety of strategic communications, outreach, and engagement program initiatives, as directed by theCommunications, Outreach, and Engagement (COE) Manager, in order to drive the vision, use cases, and adoption of advanced data analytics in public agencies and institutions throughout the Commonwealth. Related duties include developingCOE plans; generating content for print, events, e-newsletters, and social media to promote the responsible use of data resources as business intelligence and economic assets; and developing extensive contacts with state and local officials in order to expand and foster communications within theCommonwealth’s data sharing and governance community. The position also provides support for ODGA legislative activities and serves as a contact for media providers.

Technical Job Responsibilities
•  Develop strategies and implement COE services to promote data analytics and the responsible use and sharing of data resources among state, regional, and local public entities and public institutions of higher education.
• Plan and develop communications, media and public relations, and information services to support COE objectives.
• Accomplish program, project, and activity assignments within appropriate timeframes under general direction.
• Serve as an effective internal information resource and distribution channel for the data governance structure.
• Provide customer services through effective technical skills and collaboration with internal and external parties across all ODGA responsibilities.
• Promptly notify the COE Manager when situations arise that could adversely impact customers and stakeholders.
• Collaborate with and serve as a resource for other communications officials in data trust member agencies and organizations regarding public relations issues affecting data governance and analytics.
• Provide detailed and correct assessments and analyses to client agencies and organizations through responsive and helpful written and oral communications.
• Support implementation of ODGA brand identity in all official templates, graphics, reports, and other products and services.
•  Support planning & coordination of ODGA-produced events.
• Compose print and digital media articles, newsletters, brochures, presentations, email, social media, and internal communications. Promote the data analytics and business intelligence successes of data trust agencies and organizations. Maintain consistency with brand and communication strategies, programs, and messages.
• Write and edit speeches, presentations, and press releases. Prepare and deliver presentations before data governance officials, the media, and public, as requested by the COE Manager.
• Prepare COE plans and strategies to develop the data sharing market. Identify opportunities to promote services in a positive manner.
•  Promptly identify and remain responsive to emerging communications issues affecting ODGA; develop strategies and recommendations to resolve problems and accomplish goals and objectives.
•  Ensure that print and electronic communications and presentations are timely, accurate and informative; and address the informational needs and interests of specific audiences at appropriate intervals. Make continuing effort to expand the distribution list.
•  Execute internal and external communications programs that meet stated objectives.
•  Serve as an information resource and communications consultant to ODGA staff as they prepare and present their work products.
•  Arrange periodic meetings with subject-matter experts to coordinate communications content for intended audiences.  
•  Ensure that delegated continuity of operations policies and crisis communication plans are up to date. Conduct planning and preparation sessions as needed. Work effectively with the COE Manager and ODGA leadership to develop and execute crisis management strategies and plans.
• Maintain positive working relationship with the Governor’s press office, the data governance structure, the media, and communications staff in other agencies.
• Serve as a primary contact internally with the data analytics community and partners, and externally as a contact for media inquiries. Assist the COEManager and staff to respond to media contacts.
• Monitor and understand roles and relationships within the data governance environnment. Manage controversial and sensitive assignments accordingly.
• Establish and foster relationships with influential writers or bloggers.Develop earned media opportunities.
• Provide detailed and correct assessments and analyses of internal and external communications issues.  
• Develop presentations and materials for legislative sessions.  
• Provide accurate and timely responses to legislative and press contacts.
• Track state legislation affecting data governance and analytics; coordinate the development of legislative impact statements.
•  Acknowledge requests for information and apply requirements of theFreedom of Information Act (FOIA).
• Prepare responses or coordinate the preparation of FOIA responses with appropriate subject-matter experts.
• Perform assigned duties to assist the ODGA or state government in the event of an emergency declaration by the Governor. May be required to work during hours not regularly scheduled for work, as directed by the supervisor.

Required Experience
• Considerable responsible experience developing effective communication plans and initiatives, developing and applying creative solutions to outreach and engagement opportunities, composing and delivering professional quality or a land written communications to a variety of audiences, and establishing successful relations with the media and state and local officials. An equivalent combination of education and experience indicating the required knowledge, skills, and abilities may substitute.
• The selected candidate must continually meet requirements of the Conflict ofInterest Act, pass a fingerprint background check, and also sign and adhere to the Confidentiality Statement provided by ODGA.

Desired Experience
• A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in communications, journalism, marketing, public relations, public administration, business administration, or a related field.
• A working knowledge of the Freedom of Information Act.
• A working knowledge of desktop publishing and graphics software, and information technology services and functions
• Related government experience.



Required/ Desired Skills



Required   / Desired

Amount of Experience

Considerable  responsible experience developing effective communication plans and  initiatives

Required 3 Years

Develop  and apply creative solutions to outreach and engagement opportunities

Required 3 Years

Compose  and deliver professional quality oral and written communications to a variety of audiences

Required 3 Years

Establish  successful relations with the media and state and local officials

Required 3 Years

Meet requirements of the Conflict of Interest Act, pass a fingerprint background  check, sign and adhere to the ODGA Confidentiality Statement

Required 3 Years

Bachelor’s  or master’s in communications, journalism, marketing, public relations,  public administration, business administration, or related field

Desired 4 Years

A working knowledge of the Freedom of Information Act

Desired 2 Years

A  working knowledge of desktop publishing and graphics software, and  information technology services and functions

Desired 2 Years

Related government experience

Desired 2 Years

Global Candidate Requirements


Required   / Desired

Amount of Experience




Question 1

Commonwealth of  Virginia security policies prohibit the use of offshore IT contractors. Do  you attest to the fact that your candidate will physically reside within the  US for the duration of the assignment?


Question 2

Please list candidate's email address.

Question 3

Please list the city AND state where the candidate is located.


Question 4

Is the candidate  willing to work AT LEAST 4 days/week ON-SITE? If not, DO NOT SUBMIT!


Thanks & Regards.


Niketa Ganju, recruiter

Ph/Cell: 908 256 4984