Code of Conduct

The Advertising Club of Richmond and its members associate in professional improvement endeavors that support and grow the Richmond creative community. With this role comes a responsibility for members to commit to ethical standards that promote the goal of enhancing Richmond’s advertising and creative society.

The Advertising Club of Richmond’s Membership Code of Conduct demonstrates ethical standards for its Members, Board, and subsequent Committees, to aspire to and uphold.

Conducting behavior in accordance with these standards is an expectation that members have of themselves as professionals. Among the many aspirational ethical guidelines which this Code of Conduct embodies are those of respect, responsibility, educational development, and professionalism.

  • Respect: Respect is demonstrating a high regard for one’s self, others, and the resources entrusted to them. Those resources may include people, educational events, reputation, and the safety of others. An environment of respect fosters trust, confidence, safety and excellence in an environment where diverse perspectives, work, and livelihoods are encouraged and valued.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility is taking ownership for the actions one makes and any resulting consequences that ensue.
  • Educational Development: Educational Development is striving to continuously grow the dexterity of one’s professional and academic artistry, and be a proactive member in cultivating an environment that provides educational development to others.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is the opportunity that is expected of members to conduct themselves in a dignified manner that showcases the maturity, expertise, and qualifications of one’s self, outside of their private life, in association with others.

Membership Code of Conduct

This document sets the code of conduct expected of all members of the Advertising Club of Richmond and is a requirement of membership. It applies to all members, Board and subsequent Committees.

As a Member of the Advertising Club of Richmond, I will:

  • Abide by the pillars of the Advertising Club of Richmond: Respect, Responsibility, Educational Development, and Professionalism as described;
  • Uphold the reputation and good standing of the Advertising Club of Richmond;
  • Always act with integrity and respect for others;
  • Act, support, respect, and abide by the appropriate laws and in general that apply to personal conduct;
  • Act in the general interest and will not use my position or professional title to unfairly benefit myself, my employer, or others;
  • Promptly pay membership fees as part of continued membership and keep my information updated;
  • Will not knowingly hold, assume, or accept a position with a competing organization in which interests conflict with commitment or role to the Advertising Club of Richmond;
  • Conduct all business with the Advertising Club of Richmond and its partners with professionalism and respect;
  • Conduct myself at all events with respect and reverence for others, no matter the difference in age, gender, title, or background.

Should a member fail to meet the conditions in this Code of Conduct, the Advertising Club of Richmond may, at the discretion of the board, decide on the appropriate action to take. The Advertising Club of Richmond reserves the right to revoke any membership that has been granted, in the event that a member violates the Membership Code of Conduct or has been deemed ineligible by a majority rule on a board vote. The revocation process and proceedings are at the discretion of the board of the Advertising Club of Richmond and may or may not include full repayment of membership dues, and notification of misconduct to other professional networking boards in the immediate areas.

The Advertising Club of Richmond reserves the right to update this Membership Code of Conduct.

By purchasing a membership for the Advertising Club of Richmond, you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by the Membership Code of Conduct, as written here, from the date of membership purchased to the date of membership termination.